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Sam Longbottom

I was enormously pleased to have been awarded an educational grant from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity. Thanks to their generosity, I have been able to undertake an MMus in composition at the Royal Northern College of Music.


The grant has been used to help fund my tuition fees and living costs.


Without this support, I would not have been able to undertake postgraduate studies and so I am extremely grateful to the charity.


With the help I have received I am able to completely focus on my education and take advantage of every opportunity available to me while at the RNCM.


I will be forever grateful for the kindness the charity has shown me. 

Anas Fasih

The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has been extremely kind and provided me with the funds to be able to study Medicine at the University of Birmingham.

Although I have lived in the UK for most of my life, I was not eligible for tuition fee support from Student Finance England. Having secured my place on the course on results day, I was faced with the prospect of relying on high interest loans and working full time to be able to pay my fees.

My old school (Bishop Veseys’ Grammar School) connected me with the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity.

After a meeting, they generously offered to support me.

I cannot fully express my gratitude to how much this meant to me. I am able to pursue my dream career in medicine.

During the tough Covid-19 times where people are struggling to make ends meet, the support means all the more.

It has motivated me to study even harder and I am very excited to continue my learning and become a doctor.

Anas Fasih.jpg
James McBeth

“Since Receiving The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity It has meant that I have been able to undertake a Masters at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama which began in September 2020.

It has allowed me to solely focus on my studies without the financial burden along with London prices during my studies.


Guildhall is a fantastic institution which provides first class teaching and exciting projects, I am eternally grateful for the support they have provided for myself in having this wonderful opportunity.


Thank you for this!”

Emma Ashfield

I am thankful for receiving the educational grant from The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity which has gone towards my studies at Gloucester University.


So far, I have been studying nursing for 1 semester, and it has been an eye-opening experience in which I would not have been able to experience if it were not for the charity.     


I have been on placement up until now and have seen how covid-19 has been affecting both patients and the health care professionals who are treating them. I have met a wide variety of patients from all different walks of life, who have been very grateful with my support.


Due to not being able to have visitors because of the restrictions. These experiences have shown me that I have chosen the correct career path to go down. I am excited about the future, I can’t wait to see what it holds.

December 2020


Emily Jenkins

“Upon receiving the news that I would be awarded the Clive and Sylvia Educational grant, I was instantly overjoyed and knew that this could have an enormous impact on my ability to kickstart my journey to becoming a dentist.

Receiving an offer to study Dental Surgery at the University of Sheffield was an extremely proud moment of mine, a goal I had been working towards for what felt like most of my life. But having already gained a degree in Human Biology meant that I was not eligible for financial support.  I was then faced with the harsh reality of this not being financially feasible.

Receiving this grant has made it possible to fund my degree, allowing me to invest in my education and create a strong foundation to be a successful student. I feel honoured to be supported by the charity and feel privileged for the potential that the trustees see in me. I am eternally grateful for the support that Clive and Sylvia have shown, and I look forward to continuing my relationship with the charity in the near future.”

The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2020

With matched funding for COBALT's Big Give Christmas Challenge 2020

Raising Funds for:-

Rapid Access Diagnosis for Cancer Patients


Cobalt would like support cancer patients by introducing a pioneering onsite service to analyse bloods at the Cobalt Imaging Centre prior to scanning reducing the need for lengthy waits at hospital. The new onsite service will support the NHS and enhance patient care and well-being.

Big Give Dec20.png

Bernadette Johns


I am delighted to have been awarded a grant towards my studies at the Royal Academy of Music.


I am studying for the Advanced Diploma in Opera, which will help me in fulfilling my long-standing ambition of being a professional opera singer.


This funding will provide significant support with my living costs, so that I can truly focus on my studies, particularly at such a precarious time for the music industry.


I am very grateful to the Charity for their generosity and support of the arts.

Aaron Townsend

The enormous generosity of The Clive and Silvia Richards Charity will have a huge impact on my ability to study for my Masters Degree.

In September 2020, I will begin my Mperf studies at The Royal College of Music. The financial award I've received will help towards my fees and will give me the security to focus completely on my studies.

Their support will give me the chance to take on every opportunity to further my career.

I am extremely grateful for the charity and for their generosity. I will be forever thankful for this financial award.

Thank you!

Lauren Adams


Receiving the educational grant from The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has made an enormous impact on my ability to study.


In October 2020 I will be starting a Master's degree in Public Health at Warwick University. The educational grant will help fund books and travel costs throughout my year of study.


Without this grant I would be in great debt after graduating and would have to work hard to pay that off before moving onto my ambition to study for a PhD.


I will be forever grateful to the charity for their generosity and their belief in me.

River Edis-Smith

I am extremely grateful for the support that the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity have provided, especially in these challenging times for musicians and teachers.

I have recently graduated with a BSc in Mathematics with Music at the University of Surrey. Throughout the course, I have had opportunities to research and compose music based upon mathematical structures. In addition, I have also had the chance to be introduced to the wonderful world of conducting. As a result, I have taken a range of short courses in conducting across the UK to supplement my training throughout my degree.

The experiences I have had in my degree as a musician have inspired me to study Music at Masters level. Staying on at the University of Surrey means that I can continue to focus on and get support in my specialised area of composition. In addition, with access to the recording studios at the university, I can work towards my first album of modern classical music.

The financial support from the charity will enable me to purchase equipment necessary for composing, obtain scores for conducting and provide me with a range of teaching resources for the next generation of musicians. Thanks to the trust, I will be able to continue to teach violin in Surrey and coupled with the postgraduate qualification, I can work towards becoming a leading educator in music. This would have not been possible if it wasn’t for the kind support from the charity.  


John Kyrle School - Ross on Wye - Cricket nets


Replacing outdated sports equipment by providing John Kyrle School with Cricket nets so they now even meet ICB standards



Donation of £235,000 towards the purchase of Low Dose Mobile CT Lung Cancer Screening unit.  Cobalt working in partnership with Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust to provide the first commissioned lung cancer screening service in the UK.  This scheme was launched in Manchester and the mobile unit parks on Tesco car park at its stores located at Failsworth and Cheetham Hill.

Charlotte Lindley
Charlotte Lindley.jpg

After completing my undergraduate degree in Geography, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in the arts; using music and theatre which I enjoyed as a hobby to take up a place on the MA Arts Management course at the Royal Welsh College of Music Drama.

The funds I have received from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity will go towards to cost of funding my masters degree where I will gain the professional training and experience to begin my career in the arts sector.

As I prepare to begin my studies at the RWCMD I am immensely grateful to Clive and Sylvia for their financial support which will help me to make the most out of the opportunities this course presents me, without having to worry about the financial implications of postgraduate study.


I am privileged they have chosen to support me in the early stages of my career and look forward to where my journey will take me next.

Charles Brookes

"I am hugely grateful to the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity for their generous support towards my Postgraduate studies at London's Royal Academy of Music.


For so many young people, the cost of tuition fees and living in London is massively prohibitive and I can say with real certainty that without the support of the CSRC, my studies there would not have been possible.


The Academy is a fantastic institution, equipped with all the resources needed to give me the best possible chance at a performing career and I have gained a real determination to make this happen. I am particularly interested in orchestral playing and chamber music and both of these areas are well catered for for by the MA course.


Since joining the Academy, I have performed with the college's Symphony Orchestra under legendary conductors including Semyon Bychkov, Ed Gardner, John Wilson and Sir Mark Elder and in 2018 I played Haydn's Piano Trio Hob. XV:28 with Adrien Brendel as part of the Academy's Haydn Piano Series. I have also performed extensively with the virtuoso Badoneon player, Mario Pietrodarchi, and the Regents Ensemble in festivals in Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Lebanon and Georgia.


These experiences have been totally invaluable and I cannot express my gratitude to Clive and Sylvia for helping to make them possible."


Hanley Castle High School and Sixth Form Centre, Hanley Castle, Worcestershire

Donated £75,000 to assist with the sports hall extension including a new PE classroom and extended changing rooms

Hanley Castle 1.JPG
Hanley Castle 2.jpg

Pete Greenwood

Peter Greenwood.jpeg

As a result of the enormously generous financial assistance provided to me by the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity, I have been able to continue, and hopefully complete my Master of Arts course at the Royal Academy of Music.

Being a successful tuba player in the UK is a notoriously difficult task, although the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity have made me feel hugely valued, to which I am very grateful. 


Without their support, I would certainly not have been able to afford my tuition fees at the Royal Academy of Music, which would have led me to miss out on so many vital and incredible opportunities that have fortunately come my way in London.


Thank you!

Jessica Smith

In December 2018, I was absolutely delighted to receive the news that I had been awarded a place on the Artist Masters course at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Prior to this I had been working as a singing teacher in Northamptonshire and also in the community directing seven youth and adult choirs. Whilst I really enjoyed teaching, I had always known that I wanted to complete further musical training and I was really excited to take this next step in my vocal development. However, the tuition fees for the course alone were extremely daunting, particularly when coupled with the costs of living in London. Whilst I had some personal savings to fund my studies, I knew that I would need to seek private funding support in order to afford to study at The Guildhall.

As an older student, I found that most charities and trusts were simply unable to offer me any support and after over fifty rejected funding applications I was beginning to lose all hope that I would ever be able to study at my dream institution this year. However, over the summer of 2019 I was completely over the moon to learn that I had been awarded a generous bursary from Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity. Without their support, I simply wouldn’t be able to afford to study at The Guildhall this year.

The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has really helped me to thrive as a musician. Not only has their financial support enabled me to fully throw myself into my studies, but it has also given me the confidence to believe that that my musical career is worth investing in.


After just a term at The Guildhall I am delighted to have sung leading roles in the departmental opera scenes, in masterclasses with artists such as Dame Emma Kirkby, and with The English Concert and Alison Balsom at the Saffron Hall. I am much looking forward to my continued development at The Guildhall and am extremely grateful for the support from The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity who have helped to make my dream of studying at The Guildhall a reality.

Jessica Smith.jpg



“By funding this important refurbishment, the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has made a dramatic difference to the day-to-day lives of our Herefordshire residents.


We are extremely grateful for this generous support.”

Andrew Grant FRICS DL, Patron, Fitzroy


Hartpury receives £150k donation


Hartpury is delighted to have received a generous donation of £150,000 from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity towards funding for its £2 million Agri-Tech Education Centre.

Hartpury is establishing an Agri-Tech Centre on its 360-hectare campus to utilise and demonstrate the latest smart farming techniques and illustrate the importance and impact of science and technology in agriculture.

The centre will be an education, training and research hub for Hartpury University and Hartpury College students, the wider education sector, regional producers and processors.

Picture: left to right, Russell Marchant, Vice-Chancellor of Hartpury University and Principal of Hartpury College, with Sylvia and Clive Richards.

Clive and Sylvia Richards said: “We and the other trustees of the charity are pleased to support the Agri-Tech Centre at Hartpury, specifically the Diagnostic Suite for data gathering, diagnostics, analysis, knowledge exchange and research.

“We’re looking forward to developing a successful long-term partnership with Hartpury, which will include welcoming agriculture students to our fruit farm and our senior staff discussing aspects of course content they can support.”

Russell Marchant, Vice-Chancellor of Hartpury University and Principal of Hartpury College, added: “We’re delighted to receive this incredibly generous contribution from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Trust.

“We’re determined to make the most of their outstanding support and create a world-leading facility of which our agricultural industry can be proud.

“The Agri-Tech Centre will increase knowledge of applied science and technology for our agricultural diploma and degree students and provide an opportunity for the practical application of science for A-level students.

“It will illustrate the role of science and technology in farming for visiting local school children, helping them understand how this links to productivity, improved welfare and higher quality food.

“The centre will also enhance the status of livestock agriculture and boost the regional rural economy. We anticipate welcoming our first students in September 2019 and officially opening the centre in October 2019.”

Elena Zamudia

I have had the pleasure of starting this experience in Cardiff, the city that has welcomed me from the very beginning, having the opportunity to join the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama with such a great teachers, professionals and colleagues from whom to learn.


That is why I would like to thank, again and again, the tremendous generosity of Mr & Mrs Richards who with their scholarship are making it all possible, always remembering is because of they that I can relish this wonderful opportunity.

Elena Zamudia Garcia.jpg

Matthew Read


Without the generous financial assistance of The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity I would have been unable to attend the Royal Academy of Music. The difference that the Masters has made in my professional life even after just twelve weeks is immeasurable and I know that it will propel me onwards for the remainder of the two-year course, let alone the rest of my career. I can’t wait to see where it will take me!


Natalie Sims

The generosity given by the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has provided me with the funds to continue my studies and develop the skills I have learnt over the past four years at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

It was a fantastic sense of relief when Clive and Sylvia granted my bursary, as I have found it exceptionally difficult to find any monetary assistance due to funding in the arts being cut and the uncertain economic climate. The funds kindly given to me from The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity will go towards my Postgraduate degree in Orchestral Performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Had it not been for the generous grant from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity, I would have not been able to pursue a postgraduate degree. The Postgraduate degree will enable me receive the vital teaching and guidance in how to achieve an orchestral career. I will also now be able to gain experience from the orchestral placements with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and The Welsh National Opera Orchestra.

My gratitude to Clive and Sylvia Richards Is unsurpassed and I look forward to continuing my relationship with this fantastic charity.


Benjamin Ball

The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has been kind enough to support me with an educational bursary during my time so far studying Medicine at the University of Exeter. In 2016 I was offered a position to study Medicine as a graduate, having already obtained a BSc Forensic Science and an MSc Biomedical Science (Haematology). As there is no tuition fee support to individuals in my position who have already completed a bachelor’s degree, I found myself in the unenviable position of being offered a chance to achieve my goal of becoming a Doctor but facing a harsh reality of needing to work 25+ hours a week outside of my university studies in order to self-fund my tuition fees.

Having heard about the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity through a friend at work I sent them a letter detailing my circumstances and then after subsequently meeting with Clive they most generously offered to support me with an educational grant. It is difficult to express the huge difference to my life this grant has made, but their support has helped ensure I pass my first three years of medical school and I am looking forward to the challenges that my fourth year shall bring. Outside of educational grants the charity work that Clive and Sylvia have undertaken is amazing, but their personal approach with educational grants makes such a massive difference to individual lives that it should be praised as much as the other charitable work they’ve done. (2019)

Ben Ball.jpg

Support from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has allowed me to continue to study and specialise my singing as part of the David Seligman Opera School at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. With their assistance I have been able to immerse myself fully into my education and the opportunities available to students without the worry of financial constraints.


Studying for my MA in Advanced Opera, aside from being incredibly enjoyable and engaging, has helped me stretch and further my skills as a performer. During my first term, I received coaching from renowned conductors, musical directors and singers such as Carlo Rizzi, John Fisher and Wyn Davies - which were exceptionally informative and inspiring. My colleagues and I also had the opportunity to perform in a variety of different concerts. Most notably, I performed in the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama’s annual opera gala concert under the baton of Carlo Rizzi with the Welsh National Opera Orchestra. Next term, I am very excited to be learning and touring a selection of opera scenes with my colleagues.


After such an educational and motivational term I am eager to see what the next year and a half left of my course hold and am extremely grateful to the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity for supporting my education and allowing me to continue to nurture and expand my passions for music, opera and singing.

Stephanie Waldron


Stephanie was supported for a further year in 2020

With the generous financial support of the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity, I have been able to continue my studies at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama as part of the David Seligman Opera School. The pandemic has meant that it has been particularly hard to source funding and work as a professional musician and I am very grateful to the charity for their continued generosity at this time.


Music and singing have been lifelong passions of mine and with the support of the charity, I have been able to pursue these further. RWCMD provides incredible opportunities to work with world-class musicians and teachers and through these sessions, I believe I have been able to improve and hone my skills as a singer. Albeit challenging, this year has been extremely educational and inspiring, and I feel that I will embark on the professional world more confidently.


I look forward to what next year’s studies will bring and am extremely thankful to the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity for the opportunity to continue to nurture my passions and expand my education.

Emily Ashby

Angelika Stangl

I am very grateful for the generous support from the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity, whose bursary has helped towards tuition fees for my Masters degree at the Royal Academy of Music.
I am extremely excited to reap the benefits of studying at a world class institution and learn from leading professors. Without this award, I would not have access to these opportunities and wouldn’t have been able to secure the funds to continue my studies or achieve my goal of becoming a professional musician.
My sincere thanks go to the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity. (2019)

I was so thrilled to receive the email from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity explaining that they would be able to support with the tuition cost of my masters. I am very excited to be taking up a place at the Royal Academy of Music to study Historical Performance. I look forward to the classes and my lessons all with which I would not be able to attend without the generous support from this trust. It is a privilege to gain a place to study at RAM but an even greater privilege to be financially supported and I am truly grateful for the opportunity that you have now provided me. (2019)

Angelika Stangl.jpg

Emily was supported for a further year in 2020

I am delighted to share that thus far, my time at the Royal Academy of Music has offered countless fulfilling and rewarding experiences that have not only contributed to my overall development, but also brought absolute joy.

I was thrilled to find out from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity that I had been awarded further funding towards my tuition fees to complete my final year of study and take the necessary steps to secure my dream career.

I am extremely grateful for their continuing support, thank you!

Angelika was supported for a further year in 2020


I am so grateful for the support I have received from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Trust to help with funding my MA at the Royal Academy of Music. In September, I will be entering my second year in the Historical Performance department studying the Baroque oboe.


My first year was filled with brilliant opportunities for me to perform and I particularly have enjoyed performing in the Bach concert series. My oboe teacher has been fantastic, and I have already learnt so much from her. I look forward to learning the classical oboe next year and taking part in as many concerts as I can. It goes without saying that without the support of this wonderful trust I would not be able to continue on to my second year, so I am very thankful!

Hereford Rotary Club - Duck Race 2019


'We are delighted to have raised £8,382 for our local and international charities - we couldn't have raised this amount without the fantastic backing we have received from our main sponsors the Clive and Sylvia Richards charity who have been so incredibly supportive of this venture.'

Photographs by  Derek Foxton


Queen Elizabeth School, Bromyard


Couple give school £150,000 to open new vocational centre


PRESS RELEASE 16th July - By Ian Morris Assistant Editor Hereford Times


Clive and Sylvia Richards have given £150,000 to the new venture.

A SCHOOL will offer students the chance to learn a traditional trade after receiving £150,000 from a county couple.

The new Vocational Studies Centre at Bromyard's Queen Elizabeth High School will allow students to work towards a career within tiling, plastering, bricklaying, animal care and the motor industry.

It has been funded by philanthropists Clive and Sylvia Richards through the Herefordshire couple's charity.

Martin Farmer, the school's headteacher, says Queen Elizabeth sees a "greater than national and indeed local number of students" progressing to both vocational college courses and apprenticeships.

"As a county, Herefordshire has long been a place where practical skills are valued highly in the range of professions young people progress on to," he added.

"This provision will help Queen Elizabeth to play their part in ensuring that for years to come those skills will be protected and developed."

The centre will consist of three buildings, a double garage and vehicular maintenance area to enable students to work towards a career within the motor industry.

There will also be a refurbished construction room where students can develop skills, in tiling, plastering and bricklaying and an animal care room for pupils.

Work will begin on the buildings imminently and will be concluded in time for the return of students in September.

Mr and Mrs Richards have been supporters of education within Herefordshire for many years – and their cash investment in Bromyard will fully fund the project.

Mr Richards said: “There are several different pathways which students can take for long term success.

"Not everyone, including myself, is suitable for university.

"I am delighted to be part of this vocational initiative."

An official Opening Ceremony will be scheduled for late September when the centre will be formally named and dedicated.

Visitors will be able to see the centre during an open evening on Tuesday, September 24, between 6pm and 9pm, and the following two days which will be open to the public.

Mr Farmer said "governors, staff and students" would like to publicly thank both Clive and Sylvia Richards and the trustees for "enabling this very important initiative for the students of Bromyard and the surrounding areas to become a reality".

Q E School.jpg

Jessica Edom

My name is Jessica and my ambition, whilst in the sixth form at school, was to become a classical singer.  I applied to the Royal College of Music and was lucky enough to be offered a place on their undergraduate course.  The next problem was funding.


I applied to the Clive and Sylvia Richards charitable trust and was excited to be invited to an interview with Mr. and Mrs. Richards.  Following the interview I was really grateful to receive a letter offering me financial support for the duration of my course.  


This generous support from Clive and Sylvia has enabled me to begin to pursue my ambition.  I have been privileged to access outstanding tuition and opportunities, which would have been impossible without the means to live in London.  Because of their kindness I have worked with many fantastic teachers and coaches, highly renowned conductors and professional musicians and have had many opportunities to sing in a range of projects and opera scenes at college as well as performance opportunities externally. I am currently embarking on my final year at the Royal College and have now developed the confidence to try to progress to the next stage of my training.


I am very thankful to Clive and Sylvia for their great kindness and for enabling me to move in musical circles which are constantly creatively inspiring in a world in which the arts struggle to thrive. Through their patronage I have been given every chance of realising my dream and will always remember their great kindness and benevolence.

Jessica Edom.jpg

Leominster Royal Air Force Air Cadets  Leominster (151 Squadron) - Marching Band - statement

'Following a monumental fundraising drive by the Civilian Welfare Committee and some very generous donations from several benefactors including the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity, 151(Leominster) Sqn took delivery of instruments for a full marching band in September 2018. Just a week later and with just 4 hours practice, four drummers and the Drum Major took part in a WW1 Centenary Parade in Bromyard which was incredibly well received. By November 11, Armistice Day, the band had 11 members and proudly led the Leominster Remembrance Parade. Feedback from the local RBL was that the presence of the band had lifted the parade to new heights and they were already looking forward to them leading the parade again next year. 

Band members have regular practice nights at the squadron and are increasing their repertoire of tunes in readiness for the summer. As many of the cadets cannot read music, they are learning to play both ‘by ear’ and with help from those among them that can read it. 

As a squadron we are incredibly grateful to everyone who made such generous donations to our band fund and helped us provide the cadets with another chance to learn a skill and gain confidence.

151 (Leominster) Squadron ATC is proud to be the first Cadet Marching Band in Herefordshire.'


Madley Environmental Study Centre

Madley Study Centre

The Clive and Sylvia Richards charity has helped us immensely, providing funding for children with special educational needs to come and take part in outdoor learning activities at Madley Environmental Study Centre.

Without the funding these visits would not be feasible, for the schools or ourselves. Having repeat visits has been so valuable for the children, gaining in confidence with each trip, with senses stimulated and vocabulary surprising even the teachers accompanying.


Repeat visits have also been extremely beneficial to us, as we’ve really been able to get to know the children, their abilities and their nuances, and watched them develop over the weeks.


William Pate

I am extremely grateful for the bursary provided by Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity which has supported me during my two-year Masters in Vocal Performance at the Royal Academy of Music, London. I can well remember the sunny day in 2017 when I heard from Mr Richards that the charity would support me; it was like a physical weight had been lifted from me. As well as this financial support I have felt very uplifted throughout my course by the personal interest that Clive and Sylvia have taken in my progress. Their kindness made me feel like I deserved the opportunity I had been offered, and made me determined to make the most of it.


I will graduate in Summer 2019 having had the opportunity over the past two years at RAM to work with internationally renowned conductors, perform in world-class venues, and take part in concerts, projects, opera scenes and productions at a level that I could not have imagined prior to beginning at RAM.


Without the support of CSRC I would never have got there.

Will Pate Photo Credit Ben Durrant
Will Pate Photo Credit Robert Workman

Photo credit Robert Workman

Photo credit Ben Durrant

Xhosa Cole from Birmingham

‘It is hard to put into words or measure how much the generosity of the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has helped to facilitate my development over the past few years. As a young jazz musician in England trying to find my place in an international scene of incredible artists, I’ve encountered numerous obstacles, many of which have been securing the finances to make the next steps in my career. These have included  funding the purchase of my Alto and Tenor Saxophones and covering costs including lesson fees, travel back and forth from London etc.


Without the support of this amazing charity I would not have been able to achieve the heights I have been fortunate to reach so far. I was recently awarded the prestigious award of the Young Jazz Musician of the Year and although it took lots of hard work from me, without the ongoing support of the charity, I would not have been able to compete along side the top calibre of young jazz musicians in the country let alone win the competition. I am fortunate to be making music every day, performing at prestigious venues along side some of the UKs top musicians, composing music for a range of ensembles and festivals and teaching the next generations of UK talent and I am able to do that because of the generosity of this incredible charity’


Peter Le Marchant Trust


The Peter Le Marchant Trust has established an innovative Young Peoples project with the support of the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity to increase the number of young people who volunteer and participate at its Base and on its Canal Boats. This is a new and exciting project seeing young people engaging in Canal Boat operations and environmental work to improve their motivation, confidence & self-esteem.

Quench Arts - Wavelength

"Quench Arts is delighted to have support from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity for our Wavelength project.


Wavelength is a creative music-making programme for young people aged 14-25 with diagnosed mental health conditions living in Birmingham and Solihull. 


Support from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity will enable us to offer one-to-one and group activities throughout 2018 leading to a public performance and the launch of a CD featuring original pieces of music written by the young people."

Wavelength 2017.jpg

Circus Starr

Let me just say, thank you so much! The Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity has made it possible for us to take forward our Circus of the Senses project which we have run in Shrewsbury and Milton Keynes. Your support of our project has allowed us to explore sensory techniques to make our inclusive circus performances as meaningful and as stimulating as we can for those with profound and multiple learning difficulties. At a time when businesses and foundations are facing uncertainty post-Brexit and so many other requests for donations, you thought of others for whom FUN is all too often in short supply and extended your hand of support to them.


Meadows Birth Centre, Worcestershire

The Clive and Sylvia Richards charity purchased 4 mood lamps together with their essential oil diffusers.


Flying Scholarship for the Disabled - based in Gloucestershire

Scholarship awarded in 2018


Dr Jack Whiting

My placement at Karapitiya, Sri Lanka was an extremely valuable and enriching experience. It was a wonderful opportunity to put what I had learned at medical school into practice and build my confidence before formally starting work as a doctor. Furthermore, it has really made me appreciate how fortunate we are in the UK to have a healthcare system like the NHS.


Although it is a shame that this incredible experience has drawn to an end, I have an exciting few months ahead of me in the UK.  I have received the good news of an offer for my first-choice job at Salford Royal Hospital in Manchester where I will begin work as a Foundation Doctor at the start of August.


I would once again like to thank you and your foundation for providing me with the financial support that allowed me to grasp this unique opportunity. It has been an experience that I will never forget and it would not have been the same without your help.

Dr Jack Whiting Sri Lanka
Dr Jack Whiting Clive Sylvia Richards Charity Sri Lanka

Bursaries at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama - Christine Byrne and Isaac Shieh

Christine Byrne

The past few years have been incredibly exciting for myself and my family. The final year of my MA Opera course at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama however has been incredibly challenging because of a terrible personal tragedy that has had a profound impact on us all.


I was approached by my Head of Department who advised that I continue my studies on the Postgraduate Diploma Advanced Professional Practice course. This year at the college will be pivotal in affording me the opportunity to build a strong foundation to forward my professional development. All of this would not be possible without the generosity of The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity. I will now be able to study without course fees. Their support will allow me to focus entirely on my education and will give me the ability to work towards all of the opportunities that will unfold as the year progresses. I am incredibly grateful and feel truly blessed by their kindness. Something I hope to repay in kind.

Christine Byrne USA American RWCMD

Isaac Shieh

"The generous support from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has not only provided me with the financial aid to fulfil my fullest potential in music, but also assured me that my profession is valued and invested in.


In such a turbulent and uncertain time for the future of arts, the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has given me the confidence to pursue my passion in the specialised field of historical performance, and the funds I have received would go towards my Masters degree as well as assist me in purchasing much needed instruments, as I will be performing with world-class ensembles such as Ex Cathedra (UK), Irish Baroque Orchestra and Ensemble Cordia (Italy) on a more regular basis in the upcoming calendar year. 


The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has certainly propelled my burgeoning career as I am able to make the most out of my opportunities without being limited by financial constraints. I am extremely grateful to have received a scholarship from Clive and Sylvia and I look forward to continuing my relationship with the charity in the years to come."

Isaac Shieh RWCMD musical instrument wind

Keech Hospice Care

Keech Hospice Care is the adult hospice for Luton and south Bedfordshire, and the children’s hospice for Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes.

As a charity, we provide free, specialist care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for adults and children with life-limiting and terminal illnesses as well as vital support for their family and friends.

Our excellent care supports children and adults to live pain and symptom free, to spend untroubled time with their family and friends, to understand what is happening to them, to stay out of hospital and to make the most of the time they have.

Our care is not just provided at the hospice itself but in the hospital, school, care or family home – wherever support is needed the most.

As leaders in our field, our excellent standard of care extends to support a patient’s family, friends, neighbours and colleagues for as long as they need us afterwards.

As a charity, we rely on our supporters for around 70 per cent of our funding. This means we need to raise more than £6 million every year to continue our specialist care. We’re enormously grateful for the support of The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity as donations like these will ensure we can keep providing all our services to our adults, children and their families at a time they need us most.


Andrew Martin - Educational bursary

Andrew Martin flute musician

'The support generously given to me by the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has not only provided me with the funds I need to continue my training without worry of being unable to pay my tuition fees, but has also given me the reassurance that my future is worth investing in.


In what is a particularly difficult time for all artists due to funding cuts, trusts like the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity are instrumental if we want to secure a future for creative arts in the UK. The funds I have received will go towards my Masters degree at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where I will be training under the highest calibre of musicians to develop an orchestral career of my own.


Without this award from Clive and Sylvia, I would almost certainly not be able to undertake this vital period of my training, or achieve my goal of becoming a professional orchestral musician.'

In July 2019 Andrew was awarded further funding by the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity.

A statement from Ocar Castellino

Due to the generosity of the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity, the Head of Voice at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, contacted me saying that they could offer me a place on their coveted opera course. The Charity would take care of my fees and help with living expenses.  I was living in India at the time so their support meant I could travel to UK and study at the College.


From that moment on my life has been very different. I have received the best training at the college, sung at BBC Cardiff Singer Masterclasses, performed as a soloist with Carlo Rizzi and the WNO orchestra, composed the anthem for Mars and now I am on a contract with Scottish Opera.


The Clive and Sylvia Charity have helped change my life in a big way and members of the board have followed my progress, attended my performances and invited me to perform in concerts organized by the charity. I look forward to continue my relationship with the charity as well as follow their work in changing lives and making this world a better place!​

Oscar Castellino singer Royal Welsh College Music Drama Clive Sylvia Richards Charity support bursary award
Oscar Castellino support RWCMD Cardiff Wales
Oscar Castellino full orchestra performance

John Masefield School, Ledbury

Don Rule Bistro 2017 John Masefield School Ledbury Herefordshire Clive Sylvia Richards Charity

A statement from Rosamund


'The generous support of the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has provided me with a significant contribution towards the fees for my masters at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, training in Music Therapy. Like any of the allied health professions you cannot practise as a music therapist without undertaking the associated training, and the MA at Guildhall is one of only eight courses in the UK where you can train. I start the two year MA in September 2018 and this financial backing will allow me to begin the course confident in being able to afford the first instalments of fees, allowing me to fully engage in the training.

My deepest thanks go to the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity.'

In August 2019 Rosamund was awarded further funding.

Rosamund Harper flute music therapy

Educational bursaries

A statement from Olivia

I was generously awarded a bursary from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity so that I could complete my Master of Music course at the Royal Northern College of Music. During my time there I have been studying with the International Chair of Violin, Professor Yair Kless, successfully auditioned for a placement with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and worked with Manchester Camerata. With the charity's support I can now complete my final year of study and continue to build up a body of work so that I can go on to graduate and live as a professional violinist.

Olivia Jago violin student Clive and Sylvia Richards charity

A statement from Luciano Williamson


During my postgraduate studies at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama I aim to develop as a working professional composer. The generous financial support from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity means I don’t have to worry about funding my studies, and can instead devote my time to this development. After a very successful undergraduate degree completed at the College already, and with the start of this journey already begun as I receive multiple international premieres of my music this year, I am confident that the next two years will be, with the support of the Charity, instrumental in my professional development.

Luciano Williamson
Sophie Motley Clive Richards_edited.jpg

Pentabus Rural Theatre, Shropshire for a Writer In Residence Bursary


Artistic Director Sophie Motley said

‘We are thrilled to have the brilliant Sophie Ellerby joining us this September. She is a fantastic artist, truly representative of the journey that Pentabus are embarking on with the form of our work coming from encounters with people and communities. We are looking forward to Sophie starting her journey here at Pentabus, to meet our  young writers and most importantly  to have the space, time and support to focus on her writing. This would not be doable without the generous support of Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity, we are extremely thankful to them for having the vision to help us to truly change the lives of emerging artists and to give them this opportunity.’

Pentabus Rural Theatre Shropshire Writer in Residence bursary Sophie Ellerby Motley

A statement from Childhood Eye Cancer Trust

The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust is absolutely delighted to have the support of the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity. Their extremely kind and generous donation of £15,000 per year for two years will make an enormous difference to our work with families affected by retinoblastoma (Rb).


Rb is a rare and aggressive form of eye cancer that affects babies and children, usually under the age of six. Around 50 children are diagnosed in the UK every year and more than half will lose an eye in order to stop the cancer spreading and save their life. At any one time, dozens of children will undergo invasive and distressing treatment and nearly half of cases are heritable, leaving the child vulnerable to other cancers later in life as well as the risk of passing the gene on to their own children.


CHECT is the only charity in the UK exclusively supporting families affected by Rb – from diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond into teenage years and adulthood. The support of the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity will help us to continue this vital work in the future. It will also help us to raise awareness of this little known cancer among parents and healthcare professionals to ensure a quick diagnosis, and fund research into treatments and care of those affected.

Childhood Eye Cancer donation Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity
Childhood Eye Cancer donation

Educational Support - A statement from Hannah-Louise

I completed my Undergraduate, Bachelor of Music degree at Edinburgh Napier University in 2017, studying violin as my first instrument. When accepted to The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (RWCMD) to study my Master of Musical performance (MMus), it gave me the fantastic opportunity to grow as a musician increasing both my academic and performance experience.

As I begin my second year at RWCMD, I am so grateful and feel immensely privileged that with the financial support of the Clive and Sylvia Richards charity, I can continue this amazing musical journey.

My senior year as a MMus Performance student, will include a rich variety of challenges as I approach the end of my study. Technically demanding repertoire, multiple orchestral projects and fast paced modules, designed to craft the outlook of my future as a musician, will complement the skills I attained in year one. I will also be leading a new quartet, playing in the ‘City Church’ worship band, private tutoring and expand viola and piano repertoire.

My musical ability, knowledge and confidence as a violinist and musician has already been so enriched within the music college, and thanks to the Clive and Sylvia Richards charity, the joy of completing my studies at RWCMD in Cardiff can continue with peace of mind

Hannah Louise bursary award Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity violin student college university

The new artificial mat at the Queen Elizabeth School, Bromyard

Bromyard Cricket Club would like to express its sincere gratitude to the Clive and Sylvia Richards charity, for their very generous donation which has enabled the old artificial mat at the Queen Elizabeth High School to be replaced.  The new mat will be used by Bromyard 3rd XI, the school, and by Bromyard CC juniors.  It should see plenty of use and will hopefully last for a decade or so.  Once again thanks to Clive and Sylvia for their generosity.  Images show 'before' and 'after'.

Queen Elizabeth School & Bromyard  cricket club
Queen Elizabeth School and Bromyard Cricket Club artificial pitch mat


A statement from William Fox


I have just spent three years as a Music student and Organ Scholar at Magdalen College, Oxford, where, alongside studying for a degree, I took a share in the organ-playing at daily chapel services in the College Chapel, as well as broadcasts, recordings and tours with the choir.


Before heading to Oxford, I enjoyed a wonderful gap year in Hereford, working at the Cathedral as organ scholar. I have very fond memories of the county, its Cathedral and its people. Over a short span of time, I was made to feel very welcome in the Cathedral community and county.


I am about to move to London to take up the (somewhat daunting) role of Sub Organist at St Paul’s Cathedral. St Paul’s is possibly the busiest cathedral in the country, with major special services, daily services. At St Paul’s, I will be expected to learn a significant amount of music. The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has enabled me to invest in a practice organ to allow me to practise regularly on an high-quality instrument in my own accommodation. Small practice organs are hard to come by, and often extremely expensive. Though I have been lucky in having access to instruments on which to practice in the past, having an instrument of quality in my sole ownership for the first time will offer a much-valued degree of financial security and musical practicality.


I am immensely grateful to the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity for their generosity, and I endeavour to repay it through daily use of an instrument which will underpin the work that I do.


Photo credit: Hugh Warwick

A statement from Royal Northern College of Music and Drama in Manchester

The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has provided invaluable support to the RNCM Children’s Opera project, enabling 180 children from four primary schools in inner-city Manchester to devise and perform their own opera. The project facilitated a transformational leap in the children’s confidence, skills and knowledge.  As a result of the Charity’s grant, we have witnessed the incredible personal development of the children and their growing appetite to become involved in the arts. It has been a privilege to be able to provide these opportunities to the young people

Royal Northern College of Music and Drama, Manchester
Royal Northern College of Music and Drama, Manchester
Royal Northern College of Music and Drama, Manchester
Royal Northern College of Music and Drama, Manchester

PRESS RELEASE on 19th January 2014

Clive Richards OBE donates £1million to St Michael’s Hospice, Bartestree, Herefordshire

Thanks to the enormous generosity of philanthropist Clive Richards OBE, DL the community of Herefordshire is one giant step closer to having a hospice that can meet all the palliative care needs of local people for generations to come, both within St Michael’s Hospice and just as importantly within the place where they live.

Clive Richards is one of Britain’s most successful businessmen and since setting up The Clive Richards Charity with his wife Sylvia in 1987 he has been supporting communities and giving people access to education and pathways to independence.

Clive’s successful business career and investments have enabled him to help many charities and organisations in his home county of Herefordshire. Supporting the County, where he first came as a child to pick soft fruit, has given him and his wife Sylvia enormous fulfilment over many years.

Sylvia and Clive’s profound act of human kindness builds on the long-standing support that St Michael’s has received from its community over the last thirty years, and will enable the Hospice to double the amount of care it can give to all family members affected by the life-limiting illness of a loved one. St Michael’s Hospice will be able to offer far more support out in the community and enhance the care it gives to local patients, their friends and family, regardless of their circumstances.

Clive Richards OBE, DL said, “I have chosen to support St Michael’s Hospice because I feel passionate about the work they do. The new Hospice will play a vital role in the community and I believe that every penny being spent on this new development is needed to ensure people are cared for at every stage of their illness and the support is there for their family to help them through the most difficult of times. Understanding how much this means to local people and how generous and creative they have been in raising what has been achieved to date has inspired me to make this donation to end-of-life care for our community for the future. I hope this will make it possible for the community to shortly reach the target needed for the full Redevelopment Appeal.”

Chairman of St Michael’s Hospice, Alister Walshe said, “Thanks to Clive and Sylvia we are now getting close to raising all the funds we need to complete the first phase of the new In-Patient Unit and Complementary Therapies Suite. We hope this generous act of kindness will inspire others to dig deep and make a Once-in-a-Lifetime gift to help bring all our plans to life and create a Hospice that is for everyone in Herefordshire and surrounding borders and will make a real difference to families at the time they need it most.”

Clive Richards donation St Michael's Hospice, Bartestree, Hereford, Herefordshire
Clive and Sylvia Richards St Michael's Hospice
Clive and Sylvia Richards St Michael's Hospice
Clive and Sylvia Richards St Michael's Hospice
Clive and Sylvia Richards St Michael's Hospice Charity donation
Clive and Sylvia Richards St Michael's Hospice new build donation hereford
Clive and Sylvia Richards St Michael's Hospice Hereford Herefordshire


Cruse in Bristol

An award was made to Cruse in Bristol.  They help bereaved people/families by providing drop-in facilities,

telephone calls, therapeutic groups and one to one support.

Cruse in Bristol
Cruse in Bristol drop in bereavement
Cruse Bristol drop in centre bereaved



Mid Border Arts, Presteigne, Powys

The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity agreed to

support a programme of live theatre

engagement for children from Herefordshire

and Radnorshire including drama workshops

September 2017 - June 2018.

Mid Border Arts
Mid Border Arts, Presteigne, Powys

Seeing Ear

The Seeing Ear Library is a national charity which caters for a range of disabilities. Each book in the Library can be read as giant print, Braille and synthetic speech, and they can be accessed on computers, tablets or internet audio players.

The Clive and Sylvia Richards charity supported the purchase of 1,000 books to be added to the Seeing Ear Library specifically targeted at young people with visual impairment. These books included those for pleasure and also those necessary for school or college.  This project plays an important part in realising the potential for these young people who face considerable difficulties in their lives.

Seeing Ear Pic 1.jpg
Seeing Ear Pic 4.JPG
Seeing Ear Pic 3.JPG

May 2017

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham     Exciting vision for Imaging Centre - Opening of new ITM Unit.    Download the article click here

1 February 2017 - PRESS RELEASE

Herefordshire-based philanthropists Clive and Sylvia Richards have made a £250,000 gift to support the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra’s extensive educational programme over the next five years.

The gift has been made in celebration of the appointment of the orchestra’s new Music Director, Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla – ‘conducting’s next superstar’ in the words of The Telegraph – whose initial concerts with the orchestra have attracted universal acclaim. It will enable Mirga to play a leading role in the future development of the orchestra’s educational programme, and will contribute to the cost of around 30 concerts per year for young people, an extensive programme of musical activities in schools, and the orchestra’s work with gifted and talented young musicians which includes the CBSO Youth Orchestra and the CBSO Youth and Children’s Choruses.

The first instalment of the gift was made as Mirga conducted schools’ concerts at Symphony Hall, Birmingham for 8,000 local children on 30 and 31 January.

Welcoming the gift, Mirga announced that the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity will be named Principal Supporter of the CBSO’s work with young people. She said, ‘We are thankful that Clive and Sylvia Richards share our desire to inspire young people with a love of music. Their incredible gift will enable us to offer musical experiences for tens of thousands of children every year, whether at our concerts for young people, in schools, or through our world-class youth ensembles. We are very grateful’.

CBSO Chief Executive Stephen Maddock added, ‘Clive and Sylvia Richards’ exceptionally generous gift is an important contribution to the £8 million which we will need to raise from the private sector over the next five years to realise our ambitions under Mirga’s leadership. We hope that by supporting the CBSO so generously Clive and Sylvia will inspire others to give whatever they are able.’

Clive Richards was educated at Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School in Sutton Coldfield, and began his career in the Birmingham office of Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co (now KPMG). After a period as Group Finance Director of NM Rothschild & Sons he has spent the last four decades based in the City of London as a serial entrepreneur, establishing and investing in numerous companies.

The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity was established in 1986, and has since then provided millions of pounds in support to healthcare, education, heritage and artistic causes in Herefordshire and the Midlands and around the UK. Clive was awarded the OBE for charity in the millennium honours list. He is no stranger to orchestral music, having previously served as a board director of the London Symphony Orchestra.

Clive Richards said ‘My wife and I are delighted to support Mirga in the music education of young people in the greater Birmingham area. Undoubtedly Mirga will captivate and inspire all the young people who come into orbit as she already does with her older admirers.’

City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Clive Sylvia Richard Charity donation £250,000

City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra announces £250,000 gift from

Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity

Canine Partners

Assistance dogs which are trained to meet the needs of individuals with even the most complex physical disabilities.  There are hundreds of disabled people across the UK partnered with these dogs.  The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity have assisted Canine Partners in many fundraising events, Breeding programmes and capital projects.  Their new premises at Fields Farm is currently under construction.

Canine Partners receives no government funding, they rely solely on donations and legacies to keep creating these life-transforming partnerships.

Canine Partnere

Fields Farm Midlands Centre - Canine Partners

The main building was completed in 2014 which meant they were able to create 31 new partnerships during that year from the Midlands Centre. In January 2017, they opened the kitchen and wheelchair accessible accommodation. The final phase that they are fundraising for is a special kennel block which will allow them to house 24 dogs in training.

Educational Support - A statement from William​ White

​"The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has provided me with invaluable support in aiding me to complete my postgraduate studies as a clarinettist at the Royal Academy of Music. In 2015, after successful audition, I embarked on a two-year Master of Arts programme at the Academy, in order in more finely hone my skills on my instrument and to help develop my professional network.


As there is no student loan available for postgraduate study it has to be entirely self funded, with the help of different trusts and organisations. I met with Mr Richards who was extremely kind to me and took a very genuine interest in my career to date and my plans for the future. I was lucky enough to receive and award from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity that helped me enormously in completing my studies at the Academy.


With this financial help, I was able to immerse myself fully in my course with out the added worry of not being able to pay my tuition fees. In July 2017, I graduated with Distinction on the Master of Arts course from RAM and am now embarking on a career as an orchestral musician. I am fortunate enough to currently be working with several professional orchestras and I am positive that I would have not be in this position if it were not for the help from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity.


As well as providing invaluable financial support, Mr Richards had a wealth of knowledge of the Arts and takes a great interest in an individuals progress and career path. The support I received from the CSRC will last far past the culmination of my course and I hope to be in contact with the charity as my career continues."

William White clarinette clarinettist

A statement from The Daisy Garland  

​‘A journey of hope… for children with epilepsy’


The Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity Are Transforming Lives!


The Daisy Garland would like to extend their huge and heartfelt thanks to the Clive & Sylvia Richards Charity for their extremely kind and generous donation of £25,000 towards second year ketogenic funding at the John Radcliffe Children’s Hospital in Oxford.


Over the past 10 years The Daisy Garland have funded 15 specialist ketogenic dietitians, all of them working in NHS hospitals countrywide transforming the lives of hundreds of children who suffer with drug resistant epilepsy through the ketogenic diet therapy.  Due to lack of NHS funding this diet is not widely available in the UK, but the Daisy Garland aim to change this, with more dietitians planned to follow.


The Daisy Garland is enormously grateful to the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity for believing in the work that we do and for their extremely generous support for which we are unspeakably grateful.


For more information about The Daisy Garland please visit    You can also find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

This is Summer.  Summer's mum Carly said


“The Daisy Garland really has changed our lives

and Summer is so much happier and alert thanks

to the ketogenic diet and our amazing dietitian,

Judy Wadsworth.” 

The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has since

supported further specialist detogenic dieticians

via The Daisy Garland (update in 2020).

Educational Support

A bursary grant was made to Naomi to assist with her musical educational studies.

Naomi Bayley

Educational Support


Dayna received an award in 2018 from the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity for her Masters Course and a further award was made in July 2019.

Dayna Townsend

Educational Support

In 2016 Daire began studying for a masters at the Royal Northern College of Music, where he was awarded post graduate funding.  He now studies with Vicci Wardman (Principal Viola of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra).

Daire Roberts

A Statement From Dayna


Being able to take up my place on the MMus course in Orchestral Performance and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama this year has allowed me to develop my playing and career beyond what I might have hoped for. The course has provided me with many opportunities to improve my playing both individually with my 1:1 tutor, Lowri Porter (Assistant leader of Welsh Nation Opera) and orchestrally through the professional placements I have received with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and the Welsh National Opera. My teacher has been an incredible help to my playing and has really helped me to come up with strategies for more effective practice, coping in performance situations and audition scenarios. She has also helped to improve my sound and free up my playing and I really feel like I am developing into my own musician and developing an individual voice as a violinist. As a result of my placements I have undertaken with the Welsh National Opera I have also now started to do extra work with the orchestra, recently playing in the first round of the Cardiff Singer of the World and playing for the final two concerts of the Welsh Proms which is an amazing thing to be able to add to my CV. I am really excited at the prospect of what next year might bring in terms of my individual development and freelance work and none of this would have been possible without the kind support of the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity.

John Kyrle School, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire

Artifical pitch for the school


The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice

Stoke on Trent

Art Therapy is an important tool which is used at The Donna Louise, it allows the children, many of whom are non-verbal, to communicate their thoughts and emotions in a creative way.


It forms an integral part of their counselling approach; art is used as a distraction to help the child relax and to allow them to examine their feelings.


Often a child simply can’t put into words their feelings, so they feel more comfortable using pictures.

Donna Louise Children's Hospice Clive Sylvia Richards Charity
Donna Louise Children's Hospice
Donna Louise Children's Hospice



From John Kyrle School, Ross on Wye - Slalom Kayaker! 

The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has made a donation towards Jacob's costs of pursuing his love of canoeing. 


Hopefully one day he will be representing GB in this event.

Photographs published with the family's permission and subject to copyright.

Jacob John Kyrle School Kayaking
Jacob John Kyrle School Kayak

A Statement from Second Chance

The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity donation allowed us to deliver our life changing service, working with those youngsters from backgrounds of poverty, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, finding mutual ground with the kids, allowing us to guide them in to a life on the straight and narrow and where possible in full time education. The contribution allowed us to fulfill our mandate of 'changing the world, one child at a time'

Second Chance
Second Chance
Deafblind UK in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire magazine Open Hand
An award of £1,000 was made to Deafblind UK in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. The image shows the magazine Open Hand being read.

12:05pm Wednesday 23rd December 2015

By Rebecca Cain | Hereford Times

A local couple who have donated more than £10 million to Herefordshire projects have given an early Christmas present to the city hospital.

Philanthropist Clive Richards and his wife Sylvia have bought a second CT scanner worth £250,000 for Hereford County Hospital.

The gift means reduced waiting times and patients will be able to have their scan and diagnosis more quickly.

The current scanner, which creates detailed images of the inside of the body, has been used around the clock but there have been delays when routine maintenance is required.

Mr Richards said: “The current scanner is desperately needed and there is a long waiting list.

“I have had several employees who haven’t had scans quick enough. Their cancer deteriorated to a point where treatment could have been given earlier if they had a scan.

“I have been a terribly lucky boy in my life and made a few bob. It’s nice to be able to give something back. Herefordshire has been very good to me, I am trying to pay back a little bit.”

Clive Sylvia Richards Charity new scanner hereford Hospital



Chance To Shine

A cricket project designed to bring the

sport to all children. 


The Charity committed £250,000 over

a 10 year period to support this initiative

which has proven to be very successful.

Chance to Shine cricket project
Chance to Shine cricket project
Chance to Shine cricket project
Chance to Shine cricket project
Chance to Shine cricket project
Chance to Shine cricket project
Chance to Shine cricket project

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Bishop Vesey Grammar School, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

The Charity has supported BVGS in many of its new projects including a floodlit pitch, AstroTurf pitch, Music Room and a variety of refurbishment projects including the new 6th Form Block.

The donations and projects for this school over many years exceeds £1M.

This was the school where Clive Richards  received his education and he wanted to

'give something back' to those who helped him make a good start in his career.

The Charity has also supported numerous students in their endeavours in chess and sporting activities over the years.

Bishop Vesey Grammar School floodlights
The Clive Richards Music Centre
Bishop Vesey Grammar School, Sutton Coldfield

Conquest Theatre, Bromyard, Herefordshire - new Theatre building - 1991


Fairfield High School, Peterchurch, Herefordshire

Music Development Project

FairfieldSchool (5).jpg
FairfieldSchool (4).jpg
FairfieldSchool (3).jpg
FairfieldSchool (2).jpg
FairfieldSchool (1).jpg