In order for the Charity to consider any overseas applications, you must have a UK representative who can meet with the Trustees if required.

Child of Hope - Uganda

We are delighted to let you know that the new secondary school, the construction of which you so generously supported, opened on February 3, 2020 in line with all other schools across Uganda for the start of the new academic year. Bad weather meant that some of the groundworks and external painting were not quite completed... but that did not deter all the students turning up on the first day! Of course, staff had already been hard at work the previous week with preparations for lesson plans and day-to-day administrative tasks to ensure all went smoothly on the first day.


It is the only secondary school in the area providing education to the children of the villages of Namabasa, Namatala, Kolonyi and Kabwangasi. Child of Hope will continue to provide totally free education, social, medical and welfare support for the poorest children from the slum.


We send you our sincerely grateful thanks for making all this possible.

Wulugu - Northern Ghana

Helping to build a primary school at Disiga, Northern Ghana 2019

The generous donation from Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity was a vital part of the project.


Before the new school was built, the pupils brought stools to sit on and carried them home each day. There were 2 blackboards one for each end, so one class faces one way, another the opposite and the one in the middle faces sideways.


The children, despite this, were keen to be there and are learning.


The community helped in every way possible. Village women carried soil, stones and water. Villagers gave the masons accommodation.


Disiga Primary opened in September 2019 and has made a substantial difference, particularly in enabling children to be taught during the rains.


It was officially handed over to Ghana Education service on. They were clear that their role was to ensure that the school runs well and is maintained properly.


They have recruited teachers and head and supplied books and some equipment.


Overall, the project went on smoothly and the enthusiasm is high. Most importantly, the children were so excited and looked forward to the completion and reopening of schools so they can have a real school at last.

Water Harvest - India

Rainwater harvesting in India to provide year round drinking water. To provide drinking water for vulnerable children in five rural school.

Wulugu - Ghana

Helping to build a primary school at  Wayamba, Ghana 2020

Wulugu team giving education in respect of COVID19

Premananda Orphanage - India

Painting the Girl's school using a grant to keep the school and orphanage maintained and in good order.

Turning Point, Kenya - not all requests for funding are for large projects - this was for much needed whiteboards, cooking stove with gas cylinder bought using our donation.

Nevis, West Indies - build Rectory

Karusandara Union of Women Association - UGANDA

The project was to construct a three classroom block, VIP toilet and purchasing 75 school desks for Karusandara  Model  Primary School.

Mrs. Oriikiriza Annet,  Chairperson said

"On behalf of the members of Karusandara union of women association, the pupils, the staff, the board members and the entire community of Karusandara Sub County, I wish to express my since appreciation to The Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity for supporting our organization to implement a project aimed at constructing a three classroom block, VIP toilet and purchasing 75 school desks for KARUSANDARA MODEL PRIMARY SCHOOL .We are very much excited and we thank God who has enabled us to successfully implement this project.


We also thank Mr. Anthony Usher our UK representative for his time during the implementation of the project. He has endured many challenges including bad roads among others.


In a special way we want to thank Gareth for being with us during the celebrations of officially opening the three classroom block and the toilet block and also witnessing the purchased 75 school desks.  


This has been a big achievement in the history of Karusandara union of women association"

Premananda Orphanage - India

The Charity built the new Orphanage and have been supporting it since 2000 .


The Orphanage regularly writes to the Charity sending updates and photographs of the children.

Hands Around the World - Uganda