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General points

The Guidelines give step-by-step advice on applying for funding.

Before you apply:

In order to prepare your application, please make sure you are eligible for funding.

Please download and read the Guidelines on this page and check our Geographical area.

It is very important to do this, as many of the applications we receive are not eligible and so fall at the first fence.


This preparation will also help you find out what we are looking for, and how to make the best case.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I read the Application Guidelines in full?

  • Does my project meet the criteria to apply for funding and can I satisfy all requests for information?

  • Is my project for running costs, wages or rent?  If so then, unfortunately, you are not eligible for funding.

  • Should my project be funded by a local authority or public expenditure? If so then, unfortunately, you are not eligible for funding.

  • Can I demonstrate that my project would not be possible without funding from the charity?

  • Revenue Grants are not favoured by the Trustees (e.g. running costs/salaries).

Previous Applicants

If you have applied to the Charity for funding before you need to leave it 12 months from the date of the notification of the outcome of your previous application before you are able to apply again.  It must also be for a different project.

Overseas Applications Geographical area

On no account will overseas applications be considered by the Trustees unless the application comes with/from a UK based sponsor, preferably known to one or more of our Trustees.  We will only support overseas applications from English speaking countries restricted to Africa and India.

We unable to support individual educational applications from overseas students.

If you are having any difficulties in downloading and saving and of the documents please contact us and we will email you the relevant form(s).

Download our

Guidance for Applicants


Please read the Application Guidelines first then download the relevant application form below



1. Please click to access the relevant document below. 


2. Once open "save as" the name of your Charity or Applicant first


3. Close the form you have just saved to your computer.


4. Now reopen the saved form and complete all boxes.

If you do not do this, it may not be saved in the correct format and your application could be rejected.


Please ensure all information remains visible within the text boxes on the form

When you have submitted your application, it will be acknowledged by email.  Please do not telephone to enquire on the progress of your application as we will be unable to update you.